Peer Coordinator - ALLY Care Centeer

Job Summary

The Peer Coordinator will be responsible for providing client centered support and  education to clients aging with HIV. Through a collaborative effort with the client’s care  team, the Peer will coordinate and advocate for services that will promote positive  health outcomes. Peers have a deep understanding of what the patient is experiencing;  Patients have an opportunity to discuss personal issues with Peers in a safe  environment and with someone who can relate to their situation.

To apply

Email Alexis Sanchez, Practice Manager for ALLY Care Center
[email protected]


  • Identifies and addresses barriers to care, anticipate and pre-empt potential  problems, promote patient self-efficacy through teaching and coaching; and  provide emotional support – HIV positive with success in managing their HIV  care and treatment as well as navigating health care systems 
  • Responsible for the orientation of new patients to grant support services and to  clinic services. In addition, introduce new patients to clinic staff 
  • Navigation of patients to medical visits or other health and human services  appointments. 
  • The Coordinator is expected to outreach all new referrals within 5 work days,  make reminder calls and follow-up for missed appointments. 
  • Provide educational and organizational materials 
  • Support education and adherence assistance through individual or group  activities. 
  • Peer Coordinator will meet patients in their home and escort them to  appointments as needed. 
  • Conducts outreach to clients who are eligible for People Aging with HIV grant  funded programs who have become lost to contact and make follow up phone  calls to patients who miss appointments, if they are receptive to the calls. 
  • Ensure that program goals of client outcomes are documented in AIRS so that  annual service units can be met and demonstrate ability to set priorities and  manage time in an efficient manner. 
  • Responsible for documenting all interventions conducted with the client or on  their behalf in AIRS in a manner that is accurate and error free. Track all  interventions on the program specific client contact logs. Documentation is to be  completed immediately following the intervention and program specific monthly  monitoring data is to be submitted no later then the 5th of the following month. 
  • Will attend the AIDS Institute’s Peer Certification program to completion Ensure that client’s confidential health care and personal information is protected  at all times. Responsible for ensuring that appropriate consent forms are signed  and updated as required. Ensure that exchanges of information are only  disclosed to those individuals for which client consent has been obtained.  Responsible for the safeguarding of electronic devices and passwords.
  • Work as a team player in all areas to enhance the program as a whole. Hear staff  and client concerns in an open and solution-oriented manner and refer all case  management/client needs to the Administrator ACC. 
  • Responsible for actively participating in the Department’s Quality Improvement  and Quality Assurance efforts, including but not limited to participation in the  Department’s Quality Improvement Committee. 8. Other job duties as requested  by supervisor. 



  • Living with HIV with proficiency in managing care and medication adherence.
  • Experience with sexual health education, harm reduction strategies preferred.
  • Comfortable with communicating with patients and within comunity.


  • High School diploma or GED 
  • Completion of NYS-Department of Health’s Peer Education Training or  willingness to complete 

Licenses / Certifications

  • NYS HIV Confidentiality Certificate. Candidates will have protected time to complete the  NYS DOH AI Peer Certification Training requirements and be supported in applying to  become a Certified Peer Worker (CPW) 


  • Participate in regular continuing education surrounding HIV, HIV and aging • Maintain  annual NYS HIV Confidentiality Certificate

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