Does having LGBTQ leaders in the workplace matter to you? You can contribute to the research.


This study aims to discover the supports and barriers for LGBTQ Latin adults to achieve leadership positions within the nonprofit health and human services sector. I hope to learn about the unique aspects of the workplace that support or hinder job advancement. This will be done by focusing on the unique experiences of LGBTQ Latin adults. 
Would you want to help with this type of LGBTQ research? If you want to join the study, please review these requirements to make sure you are eligible: 
(a) reside in the United States,
(b) identify as Latin, 
(c) be part of the LGBTQ community, regardless if anyone in your workplace knows your sexual orientation (the study is completely confidential, and your employer will not be informed you are taking part in the research, and   
(d) work in the nonprofit health and human services sector in a non-supervisory role. 
For some interested participants, I am sure you may wonder about the privacy of your information. This interview is strictly confidential. That means I will be the only person with access to this information. Your employer will not know you participated in this study, nor will any information be shared with them or anyone outside the research team. 
If you fit these criteria and are interested in helping, sign up for the study by






 Yale LGBTQ Mental Health Initiative is currently conducting a research study to learn more about LGBTQ-affirmative psychotherapy for sexual minority women in New York State. Participants would get 10 sessions of free LGBTQ-affirmative therapy and would be compensated for filling out surveys and participating in interviews to track their progress.



Family Martial Arts is hosting classes specifically for non-binary and transgender youth!

The class takes place Fridays at 6:30-7:30pm. Family Martial arts is located at 3 Coates Drive, Goshen, NY.

If you're interested, call 845-597-6656 or reach out through Facebook.


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