Study: Immunocompromised and worried about COVID-19?


Study: Immunocompromised and worried about COVID-19?

If you have a condition that indicates you are immunocompromised with a CD4 < 350, and you have received a COVID-19 Omicron vaccine booster within the last 7 weeks, or plan to receive a booster in the near future, you may be eligible for free antibody testing and the opportunity for future participation in COVID-19 prevention studies.

What to Expect

First, sign up with your email and fill out a short questionnaire to find out whether you qualify to be a part of a registry. If you do, a Patient Experience Coordinator (Science 37 Study Team Member) will contact you to obtain any previous antibody test results, or help you obtain a new test.

If you qualify, and you haven’t recently had COVID-19 antibody test results, you will have the option to obtain a blood draw at a laboratory close to you at no cost.

Your participation may qualify you for an upcoming investigational monoclonal antibody COVID-19 prevention study.