Community Organizer

Community Organizer(s) 
Full-Time & Part-Time Position(s)

Roles & Responsibilities: 
Base Building: Outreach and recruitment with community members around the state;
Connect: Work with members to identify local and state challenges affecting LGBTQI New Yorkers;
Engage: Maintain regular communication with members and work to identify and develop leadership amongst member base;
Partner: Work with our organizational members to support campaigns and projects that are relevant to Equality New York’s mission;
Credible Messenger: Public speaking & lead programming with community and media;
Build Brand: Leverage social media & other entities to ensure Equality New York is visible in the community. 

Job Requirements: A minimum of two years of organizing;  Live in New York State; Dedicated to using a racial equity lens;

Position contingent on grant funding (minimum of 1 year guaranteed)

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