'Intergalactic Gospel' Auditions

Calling all Black/Afro-Latino Femmes! A talented student director from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts is casting “Intergalactic Gospel."

A synopsis: "Focusing on the things that are seen and not said or the encounter with the supernatural. Reconnecting our roots of the Black church, our interests and belief in Afro-Futurism, and our southern roots via the “great migration”; we have created three stories that bend our belief in the “natural” world. The first story centers a spiritual encounter at a church, the second story involves an older gentleman recount his experience with what he believes to have been aliens, while the last story is about a space traveler searching for home and finding the unknown on a planet similar to their own. We are casting for the first story. Based in a church and a congregation member's mystical experience. Two Femmes make their way to church for what they believe will be another Sunday service, but turns out to be a supernatural encounter."

Click here for more information! Two lead femme roles are required, so feel free to sign up with a friend!

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