Mount Sinai Hospital

COMMUNITY OUTREACH WORKER  -- Mount Sinai Hospital, 275 7th Avenue

The Institute for Advanced Medicine at Mount Sinai, a network of five clinics, is seeking an Outreach Worker to provide information about Transgender Healing and Resilience Initiative for Survivors of Violence (THRIV) Program, Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery (CTMS) and Crime Victims Treatment Center (CVTC). THRIV aims to increase access to trauma-focused, gender-affirming therapy for transgender survivors of interpersonal violence and trauma, and specializes in short-term individual and group therapy for transgender and gender non-binary individuals (TGNB) who have experienced interpersonal violence. The Outreach Worker will identify and serve areas with larger numbers of TGNB individuals to share information about the Program, CTMS, and CVTC. They will link interested persons to care at CTMS by making first appointments and navigating them to the clinic, as needed. The Outreach Worker will also liaise with local community-based organizations serving transgender individuals to collaborate on outreach events and identify potential Program participants.  Qualifications:  HS Diploma or equivalent required.  One (1) year experience providing outreach and testing to population.

SUBMIT COVER LETTER & RESUME TO:  [email protected]

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