Girl in the Woods Casting Call

We are a bicoastal TV and Film casting office and are currently working on casting a TV show for NBC's streaming service, Peacock, Produced by CryptTV called GIRL IN THE WOODS.  We are looking for an actor who would be right for the character of NOLAN FRISK.  The breakdown is below, so we would be incredibly grateful if you could forward along to anyone who might be right for the part / interested in the project.


If they are interested in auditioning, please send us a self tape of the attached scenes as well as a "slate" where they state their name, location and height.  Please note, we are only looking for people 18+ to play 17.  Please send the tape back to us ASAP (ideally by March 3rd, but let us know if you need an extension).  You can email [email protected] with the tape as well as any questions.  There is no script available at this time.




THE GIRL IN THE WOODS                    Producers: Jack Davis, Darren Brandl

Crypt TV                                                  Directors: TBD

Peacock                                                  Writer: Casey Modderno

8 episodes                                               Casting: Barden / Schnee Casting

SAG-AFTRA                                           Shoot date: May – July 2021

                                                                Location: TBD


We are committed to progressive, equitable casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers without regard to race, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, age, religion, national and ethnic origin or any other basis prohibited by law.


NOLAN FRISK, The character portrayed is assigned male at birth, about 17, NON-BINARY, ANY ETHNICITY. Nolan is the playfully-dressed, deadpan child of the environmentalists running opposition to the mine, lineage that earns them scorn from other teens. If that’s not enough, they are not out as non-binary and seek to deal with that struggle by constantly seeking out a high. 8/8 EPISODES SERIES REGULAR. PLEASE SUBMIT 18 OR OLDER ONLY. We strongly encourage openly non-binary talent to submit.


STORY LINE: THE GIRL IN THE WOODS is a supernatural half-hour drama set in a small mining American town whose woods hold a dark secret: a door to a monster dimension. And the only thing stopping the horror from escaping are three teenagers who've bonded together to fight back. In the tradition of BUFFY or HANNAH, the series follows a title character, CARRIE, who has escaped a mysterious religious community, where she was trained to fight monsters. Thematically the show examines how tribes bind and break us, and how tragedies can unlock superpowers.  This Peacock series is based on the Crypt TV short film, which has been viewed over 25MM times.

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