E/Quality Care Training Co-Facilitator


E/Quality Care Training Co-Facilitator – Part Time, Virtual

Rainbow Heights Club is seeking a part-time, virtual training co-facilitator to support the enhancement and expansion of the E/Quality Care training program. The E/Quality Care Training Co-Facilitator will be responsible for collaborating directly with Rainbow Heights Club staff to prepare and co-facilitate LGBTQ+ and TGNC cultural competency trainings for health and human services providers in New York State.

Co-Facilitator Responsibilities:

  • Co-facilitate between 3-5x E/Quality Care training webinars per month via Zoom with Director of Community Engagement
  • All training scheduling with external agencies will be handled by Director of Community Engagement; Co-Facilitator is expected to respond in a timely fashion to availability queries
  • Onboarding will include paid time spent viewing, evaluating and providing feedback on content and presentation of LGBTQ+ and TGNC trainings, to ensure their alignment with co-facilitator’s own clinical expertise and lived experience

Co-Facilitator Qualifications:

  • Education: Master’s degree and licensure in Social Work or a related field
  • Clinical Experience: A minimum of 2 years of clinical experience in the provision of behavioral health services in a community setting. Clinical experience working with LGBTQ+ (particularly TGNC) adolescents a huge plus, but not required.
  • Training Experience: A verifiable track record of developing and delivering cultural competency or continuing education trainings for health and human services providers
  • Communication Skills: Effective oral communication and presentation skills – particularly, comfortarticulating the clinical benefits of LGBTQ-affirming care, as well as answering participant questions and providing practice suggestions in real time
  • Commitment to Organizational Mission & Values: Understanding of and commitment to addressing mental health disparities within LGBTQ+ communities, in particular for LGBTQ+ communities of color, TGNC people and people with disabilities
  • Understanding of Racial and Economic Justice: Understanding of the impacts of racial, ethnic and economic marginalization on LGBTQ New Yorkers living with mental illness, and commitment to culturally competent, anti-oppressive clinical practice
  • Service Familiarity: Knowledge of and connections to community resources that address the mental health, substance use, physical health, housing, etc. needs of low/no income LGBTQ+ New Yorkers
  • Optimism: Ability to assume positive intent in training Q&As and respond in ways that foster growth

Location: Applicants must live and be familiar with the service landscape in New York State, but the duties of the position can be fulfilled virtually.

Hours/Duration: 8-15 hours per month. Trainings typically take place on Tuesdays before noon, but this position will periodically require scheduling flexibility beyond that. The training contract runs through the end of June 2023, at which point there could be the opportunity to renew for the following fiscal year.

Compensation: Training co-facilitator will be paid as a consultant at an hourly rate to be negotiated based on experience.

Application: Please email your cover letter and resume to [email protected] with the subject line, Training Co-Facilitator.

As an agency dedicated to peer support, we believe that clinical expertise is most impactful when paired with lived experience. Rainbow Heights Club is a project of Heights Hill Mental Health Service South Beach Psychiatric Center Community Advisory Board, Inc., which is an equal opportunity employer. We actively encourage applications from women, BIPOC, TGNC people, people living with disabilities, and people from other marginalized groups.

About Rainbow Heights Club
Rainbow Heights Club (RHC) is a mental health support and advocacy program dedicated to meeting the needs of LGBTQ+ adults living with serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, intellectual or developmental disability, and substance and alcohol use issues. Our work is extremely effective: 95% of the people who come to Rainbow Heights Club remain free of psychiatric hospitalization each year.
About E/Quality Care
Since 2009, Rainbow Heights Club has operated a formalized training program known as E/Quality Care. The E/Quality Care program, made possible by the support of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the NYC Council, creates a space for behavioral health providers to learn how to provide a safer and more welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ behavioral health consumers. In the past fiscal year alone, we provided 26 LGBTQ 101, LGBTQ 201 and Trans 101 training webinars for nearly 1700 NYC-based behavioral health providers. Participants in our trainings come away with a greater sense of comfort and confidence about interacting with LGBTQ+ people in a respectful and affirming manner. In our Trans 101 pre-survey, 58% of participants report that they aren’t sure what affirming care looks like, and that they’re nervous about saying or doing the wrong thing.
Following our training, participants overwhelmingly agree that they feel more comfortable:
  • Asking clients about their gender identity, correct name and pronouns (99%)
  • Correcting themselves, apologizing and moving on if they accidentally use the wrong name or pronoun for a trans client (99%)
  • Asking for clarification when a trans client uses a term they aren’t familiar with (100%)
  • Knowing what questions are appropriate and helpful to ask during intake sessions (100%)
Thanks to new funding from New York State, we have expanded our training program beyond the five boroughs,to reach upstate providers as well.

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