Bispecific Antibody Study for 18-60-year-old People Who Live With HIV/AIDS

"Antibodies are one of the natural ways that our bodies fight or prevent infection. Were testing an antibody to find out if its safe, if it doesn't make people feel uncomfortable and to find out what may be the best dose if its given by IV infusion or sub-cutaneous injection. You cannot get HIV from the Bispecific Antibody. We'll ask you to complete a brief online questionnaire at your leisure to find out if you meet basic study criteria. If eligible, we'll invite you to our clinic to review the study and possibly draw blood to find out if you meet medical criteria.If you're eligible and decide to participate, you'll come to our research clinic for 11 visits over 6 months. You'll receive an injection or infusion of the antibodies at 1 visit only and we'll ask you to return to the clinic another 10 times to complete follow up visits that require blood to be drawn. You will be compensated $200 for the injection or infusion visit, $50 for each of 10 visits involving blood draw only, and an additional $275 will be given to those that complete all 11 study visits as scheduled.Information learned from your participation will help end HIV by benefiting science and HIV prevention."

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